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Reliable Asbestos Plaster Removal Services in Ann Arbor MI

Complete Environmental Solutions LLC, the best provider of asbestos plaster removal services in Ann Arbor, MI, aims to ensure your well-being. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by asbestos-containing materials, including asbestos plaster, we are your trusted partner in addressing these critical environmental concerns. Our expert team specializes in asbestos removal and abatement, plaster removal, vermiculite removal, and transite siding removal. Our services help retain your spaces’ safety and integrity. Anyone searching for the top asbestos plaster removal service, can hire us as we make asbestos management stress-free. Choose Complete Environmental Solutions LLC if you prioritize security, expertise, and comfort. Trust us to handle your asbestos concerns professionally, ensuring a safer, healthier environment.

Our Mission

To be the unrivaled provider of the best asbestos plaster removal solutions, ensuring well-being through expert and eco-conscious solutions for everyone.

Our Vision

As the leading asbestos plaster removal experts, we envision an asbestos-free environment and to become synonymous with trust and excellence.

Our Professional Asbestos Removal Procedures

Our safe asbestos plaster removal typically involves several techniques and procedures to ensure safe and effective removal.

  • Containment: We create a controlled work area so that asbestos fibers stay in their place and don’t spread.
  • Wet Methods: Our asbestos removal experts use water to suppress dust and minimize the chances of asbestos fibers becoming airborne during removal.
  • Negative Air Pressure: We employ specialized ventilation systems to maintain negative air pressure within the containment area, ensuring complete capturing of released asbestos fibers by not letting them escape.

We stay compliant by using effective asbestos removal safety measures throughout.

The Comprehensive Process of Asbestos Plaster Removal

We use a step-by-step process for effectively removing asbestos plaster through its roots:

  • Our qualified experts first obtain asbestos removal permits to avoid potential hassles.
  • Next comes the asbestos inspection phase, where we thoroughly examine the affected area to identify the extent of contamination and determine the most appropriate removal techniques.
  • Then, our environmental remediation experts set up a containment area to prevent asbestos fibers from escaping.
  • As the hazardous material removal progresses, we carefully seal asbestos for proper disposal and clean and decontaminate the area.

Finally, we conduct air monitoring to ensure asbestos levels are within safe limits.

Proficient Asbestos Plaster Removal Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Investing in Complete Environmental Solutions LLC’s asbestos plaster removal services in Ann Arbor, MI, is a decision rooted in expertise and trust. Our highly skilled technicians are the best in quickly removing asbestos-containing plaster from your properties. We stick to strict health and industry regulations to protect the environment and use functional asbestos removal equipment for the best results. With solid expertise and a dedication to client satisfaction, we provide a hassle-free and reliable solution. Depend on our services for your comfort and a safer living.

Our Services


Our highly trained team specializes in safely and efficiently removing asbestos-containing materials from residential and commercial properties.

Asbestos Abatement

We provide professional asbestos abatement services for minimizing risk, guaranteeing complete asbestos exposure prevention, and promoting a safer environment.


If you have asbestos plaster on your property, invest in our asbestos plaster removal services in Ann Arbor, MI, to remove it safely, ensuring your comfort in the long run.

Transite Siding Removal

Count on our experienced and trusted removal experts, who can quickly and safely remove transit siding and address any asbestos-related issues that may arise.


We offer expert vermiculite removal services, addressing potential contamination concerns associated with this insulation material through proper asbestos testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hire our trained professionals as they follow proper safety protocols to ensure an appropriate sample collection. They will analyze the model and provide you with detailed information.

Hiring our professionals specializing in asbestos removal ensures safe removal and disposal following regulatory guidelines since DIY can release dangerous asbestos fibers.

After removal, we conduct a thorough cleanup and inspection to ensure no asbestos residues remain. We follow proper disposal methods and then declare the area safe for occupancy.

Regular inspections, maintenance, and avoiding DIY renovations can help prevent asbestos-related problems. If asbestos is present, consider getting it removed by us.

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Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises experienced, motivated technicians who provide top-quality asbestos removal and environmental solutions for every aspiring homeowner.

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We prioritize safety in professional asbestos plaster removal services in Ann Arbor, MI, using efficient industry practices and equipment to ensure maximum well-being.

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