Make Sure Your Home Is Free of Harmful Materials

Arrange for asbestos removal and inspection services in Grosse Pointe or Harper Woods, MI

If you live in a home that was built using asbestos materials, contact Complete Environmental Solutions LLC. Our asbestos removal services are thorough and efficient. We can remove everything from roofing materials to water pipes. We'll also use air machines to make sure all areas are properly ventilated after we're done. Because our team is efficient, we can be in and out of your home in as little as one day.

Contact us today to arrange for asbestos removal services in Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, MI or surrounding areas.

3 signs you should schedule an asbestos inspection

3 signs you should schedule an asbestos inspection

Worried that your home has asbestos materials? Don’t put off finding out for sure. You should schedule an asbestos inspection if:

  • Your home was built before 1990
  • You're planning a remodeling project
  • You’ve found signs of asbestos materials

Call us to schedule your asbestos inspection, and put your mind at ease.