The Hidden Dangers of Transite Siding in Older Homes

In the 20th century, transite siding gained popularity for residential buildings due to its affordability, durability, and resistance to fire. Comprising mainly of cement and the infamous mineral asbestos, it offered robust protection against elements and pests. For homeowners of that era, transite siding was the hallmark of a modern, low-maintenance home.

The Asbestos Connection

While transite siding’s resilience made it a go-to choice, the material’s composition makes it a health hazard today. Asbestos, hailed for its heat resistance and tensile strength, became a standard component in various building materials, including transite siding. However, what seemed like a blessing turned out to be a ticking time bomb as the detrimental health implications of asbestos became clear.

Transite Siding: The Silent Threat

While intact and undisturbed transite siding poses a minimal health risk, the danger escalates when:

  • Decay: As with all materials, time isn’t kind to transite siding. It can become brittle with age, leading to cracks and breaks, increasing the risk of asbestos fiber release.
  • Renovation Projects: Many homeowners, unaware of the risks, might unknowingly disturb the transite siding during home improvement projects, releasing harmful fibers.
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, tornadoes, or thunderstorms can damage the siding, potentially releasing asbestos.

Safety Over Aesthetics: The Need for Removal

If you reside in an older home, it’s crucial to ascertain if you have transite siding and its current condition. While it might seem easier to overlook or paint over, the potential risks outweigh the aesthetic appeal or the desire to retain the home’s original features.

The first step is engaging professionals to inspect the siding and determine the asbestos content. If removal is warranted, specialized techniques ensure that the asbestos fibers remain contained, minimizing the risk of exposure.


The charm and character of older homes often captivate homeowners, but it’s essential to be aware of the potential dangers lurking behind historical features. Transite siding, once a symbol of modernity, now poses a health threat due to its asbestos content. Understanding this risk and taking proactive steps towards inspection and removal can safeguard your family’s health, ensuring your vintage home remains a haven.